Hijab- Protection with style

There are very frequent changes in fashion every time.  There are different designs of dresses sometime there may fashion to use a scarf and make it as an essential part of your outfit, sometime it may also be in the fashion to wear loose and long dresses without doppata, similarly fashion is also changes for hijab and Abayas, like now there is a fashion of wearing Hijab in Pakistan. Fashion for Hijab is as like anyone can use hijab at any time not just to wait for fashion and then can wear it. Like hijab is also a part of our religion so, one can carry it in a stylish and impressive way. Hijab is also a very elegant fashion for Pakistani women and girls who want to cover themselves in hijab. Hijab does not mean to just overburden or give rough look to yourself, now-a-day hijab are designs in such a way to give you safety, style and beauty.

Right of independence of Muslim women is very beautifully served with hijab and it is the only clothing that gives a protective covering as well as styles both together. It is not necessary that you always wear a black hijab now there are different trends, fashion and colors that you can use to make your style as well as to fulfill the Islamic duty. Now there are hijab for both formal and casual use. Hijabs are now available in colorful abayas, burqas, scarves, gowns and head covers. They are also embellished with beautiful traditional sitaras, sequinces, and different laces that make it more stylish and beautiful. There is also embroidery work on the abayas this is the usual design for casual hijab but the functional hijab are a bit expensive with stone, crystal, and pearl work.

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