How to Keep Make-Up long lasting whole day

Make-up having so much importance in our life present days. It does not mean painting face but to come up with natural and charming appearance in daily routine, no matter one is working or staying home. Use and keep Make-up fresh whole day is a technique.
Following are the main tips to keep in mind while making –up.
1. Wash out Skin with good face wash. Remember, quality product demonstrate good results so always try to have good quality products which should be according to your skin type i.e. dry ,oil or combination skin.
2. Use Moisturizer after washing out skin as it gives relaxation and glowing effect on skin but make sure the ph level of face wash and moisturizer should be balanced. It’s better to use same brand for both product face wash and moisturizer respectively.
3. Third and important step is to wash out skin with tap water afterwards; reasoning to why to wash out skin again is that if we left skin with moisturizer it may clog our pores so just to wash with simple cold tape water for long lasting result.
4. Use thin layer of base is the basic key to keep you going whole day with make-up. Foundation or base could be of any type whatever you already been using definitely compatible to your skin. Put specific emphasis on T-zone and eye circle area. Do not go for any experiment regarding your skin or self.
5. Use Face Powder on your skin .Do not rub your skin while applying sponge, remember rubbing your skin could be harmful and will not give you the finishing result as required. Should not forget T-zone and eye circle area in this context again.
6. Lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and blush on could complete your make-up in every aspect. If you are using bright color do not high light your eyes with dark colors and vice versa. Remember light colors give you the descent look but in dark colors you will look like charming fairy. So always add up some changes in your personality with positive attitude.
Finally, do not forget to look up in mirror when you think you are ready to go.