How to Use Eye Liner Pencil

Eye liner become an essential weapon within the lady provides the impression of bigger eyes and delightful.

But nonetheless most are novice at using eye liner, it’s demonstrated through the frequent still eye liner are applied unevenly as well as developing a black smudge like panda eyes.

Aside from the inappropriate utilization of eye liner can make eye liner rapidly disappear and just black marks in your eyes.

There’s a unique trick in making use of eye liner, especially eye liner pesil formed. Clearly if you use liquid eye liner, panda eye effect won’t you receive – however it seems apt to be harder to get rid of.

Sometimes you’ll use a pencil eye liner, put on carefully if this will form a line in your eye. Then use powder eye shadow having a special brush making bold your eye liner.

This is accomplished to create your eye liner remain in place and doesn’t leave stains for example panda eyes. Viola, you’ll have a beautiful eye liner makeup.