IFAP: A Blessing for Coming Models

It has been a dream for bigwigs of Pakistan fashion industry to set up a comprehensive modeling, fashion, grooming, make-up and photography institute that caters to the burgeoning field of fashion in Pakistan. Pakistan fashion industry is escalating day by day because everyone wants to wear trendy clothes, have stylish look and more than anything want to look gorgeous.

Mehreen Syed, a model and entrepreneur, along with her fantastic team introduced the International Fashion Academy Pakistan (IFAP), with their first branch opened in Lahore recently. IFAP is a multi dimensional academy and certainly among first of its kind in Pakistan. This academy was established with a great mission “to create a new generation of professionals who can lead Pakistan’s Fashion Industry in the global arena.” It is also hoped that IFAP will revolutionize the business of fashion in Pakistan.

In a country with no culture of training, IFAP is offering essential skill development mechanisms through certified diplomas with a series of in depth courses, such as Runway Coaching, Photo Shoot Direction, Health & Wellness, Acting Essentials, Hair & Skin Care, Spirituality and Speech Enhancement.

The institute currently boasts of Shahzad Raza as the Head of Faculty and HSY as the Head of Visiting Faculty, along with a diverse mix of visiting faculty such as Umar Sayeed, Deepak Perwani, Nickie Nina, Kamiar Rokni, Mehdi, Nomi Ansari, Iman Ali, Saba Ansari, Iffat Umer, Shammal Qureshi and Redah Misbah among others. Currently IFAP is only based in Lahore, but it hopes to expand the other cities such as Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Peshawar soon.