Importance of Eye Exercises

Everyone wants to get sparkling eyes, no matter what is his or her age and sex. Sparkling eyes speaks louder, therefore everybody dreams to have glowing eyes. People spend thousands of rupee on buying eye treatment medicines and eye make-up tools, but they ignore this major, most effective and long-lasting remedy of all eye problems and that is eye exercise.

  • Daily 15 minute eye exercise can alleviate the signs of aging that may first develop around the eyes.
  • Excellent relaxation exercises like look at corners, look up, look down, look left, look right, squeeze and open and more give you an instant relief from eye strain. This eye strain may be caused by over load of study work, computer work, artisan work, or any work that require a lot of eye concentration.
  • If you start dedicating just 15 minutes a day to eye exercise, you will see the positive results in just few days.
  • By following simple and easy exercises of eyes, you can instantly increase blood circulation near eye area that helps to keep your eyes glowing and fresh.
  • Different eye exercises like palming, move pencil forward and backward and concentrate on a point and move eyes help to maintain eye sight. Palming is the best tool of eye yoga. It can be easily done in your office.
  • There are many more eye exercises like move pencil forward and backward etc, that help to improve vision and concentration.
  • It can help to lighten the dark circles around the eyes as well.