Importance of fashion schools for fashion industry

In Pakistan the fashion industry has been seen to grow and fashion trends are increasing now-a-day in Pakistan. One of the main reasons of the growth of the fashion industry in Pakistan Is the increases in number of the fashion houses and fashion schools in Pakistan. The most important step in booming the fashion industry is the role of the fashion schools. These schools are offering you a 4 years bachelor’s degree in fashion and also in some other related fields. Is past few years many different fashions schools has been opened some of them are old and some are new. With the establishment of theses fashion schools Pakistan fashion industry gain many of the talented people.

Some of the colleges and schools are Iqra University, NCA, BNU, Indus Valley and many others. All theses institute are at the back of the Pakistan fashion industry. The pioneer of the fashion schools is PFDC and has added a wonderful development to the fashion industry. Many of the Pakistani designers are very well recognized in the international market and now Pakistan fashion designers are very well known all over the world. Theses designers also opened their outlets in the different part of the world and also participated in different fashion weeks.

As our fashion industry grow the concept of fashion week also evolved, still in the present time no other school is working like a PDFC is working and promoting and providing opportunities to their students. They also encouraged and provide platform to their students to work with the leaders of the fashion industry to learn from them. These fashion schools also give you education in other fields like jewelry designing and textile designing, interior decorations. Also many makeup artists are also coming to the fashion market and now we have a bunch of different and wonderful stylists.