Importance of Hair spa

Like our face and other parts of the body hair also needs care and attention. Hair plays very important part in our personality so; proper attention must be given to them. If you wants to have a shinny, healthy, bouncy and soft hair then you must need a hair treatment and that is “Hair spa”.  Hair spa helps you to handle the hair problems like breakage, hair loss, dryness and split ends and etc. now almost every salon provide hair spa treatment. It’s a bit time taking process but is very essential to bring shine and life to your hair. But you can also do it at your home. But treatments from the professionals are more beneficial then it, it is the procedure of deep conditioning which fasten your hair in a great shine and health.

Hair spa benefits are of different types but some of which are

  • It helps in the normalization of oil secretions.
  • It revitalizes your scalp and nourishes your hair roots.
  • It also removes all the dirt from the pores and also repairs the spoil hair.
  • It provides important moisture and oils to hair and makes them more shiny, smooth and bouncy.

If you want to do hair spa at your home then you need to have some of these hair spa treatments products

  • Conditioning treatment
  • Clarifying and cleansing shampoo
  • Big towel
  • Plastic wrap
  • A comb with large teeth
  • The important steps in hair treatment spa are

Oil message: it is the first and most important step; you can select an oil of your choice, massage softly on your hair and scalp for about 10 minutes and then leave for half an hour.

Shampoo: after this wash your hair with shampoo, use the cleansing and clarifying shampoo then comb your hair.

Conditioning: after it apply condition to the hair and gain the full benefit, always select that conditioner which best suits to your hair texture, after application of the conditioner wrap your head with plastic and wrap a dry towel on it. Then leave for half hour and rinse it completely, and then apply a good hair serum.

This is the best hair spa that you can do at your home. Now have a good, shiny and healthy hair.