ITTAR or ATTAR(Natural or Desi Scent)

Ittar is a tradition of fragrances.Far from the world of synthetic perfumes ittar was a one can who evoke a thousand images even with the mere smell of it. Ittar is a natural scent according to herbal remedies, flowers and wood. Smell of nature in a bottle, Many of the world swear by the fragrance of attar.

The organic fragrance evolution has its followers, even as celebrities swear by branded perfumes (and some even launched by their name), there is a whole heady world of fragrance evolving in the dusty lanes and by lanes of a different cities of Pakistan.Blending attars has been an obsession with us.Hibtullahjee Attarwala  has started this quest in the erstwhile royal state.we are pursuing his passion and blending ittars to macth your mood and taste.

Use  of ittar is becoming a trend. Kids are now altering their preferences to more eco-friendly options. They comprehend the importance of atmosphere problems along with the problems resulting from using artificial items onto the skin.. i ttar is not have only fragrance benefit, it’s a good news for a buyers who want their purchases to be pocket friendly. ittar is affordable as compare to other expensive perfumes and scents.

Ittar maker feels substituting a synthetic perfume with traditional sources of fragrances like ittar is a wonderfull concept.Junaid jamshed’s is a spot where you can have a great quality of ittar’s

Saeed ghani is also famous for a wide range of ittars which is made up of herbs,flowers or specially a Sandal wood.

In occasions when people are searching towards an eco-friendly existence, natural fragrance is certainly up for grabs.