Jilbab or Abaya trends in Pakistan

As fashion trends are changing every year all around the world and new trend come into the market to take the place of former ones. In Pakistan fashion trends are also changing in each and every thing like clothing, jewelry and makeup styles. Jilbab or Abaya’s are one of those latest trends which gained immense popularity in the short period of time.

What is Jilbab or Abaya? Jilbab is a long loose gown which is also used by Muslim women’s as Veiling accessory. There are many different designs and styles are available in modern jilbabs. Jilbab’s are as long as they cover the whole body of the women except certain parts like face, hands, feet, and head. The head is covered with a scarf and wrap. Some women use gloves and socks to cover their hands and feet and also Veil to cover their faces.

In these few years a very quick increase has noticed in the fashion of Jilbabs in Pakistan. These Jilbabs are available every where in Pakistan and most of Pakistani women are turning to put on these stylish fashion accessory. These Abaya’s are available in different sizes, patterns, designs, colors and fabric. You can find plain, printed and embroidered Abaya’s easily in Pakistan.

The Jilbab fashion is a very good fashion as they are not only promoting the Islamic culture but at the same time are giving you a style, attraction, sophistication and elegance all at the same time. These abaya’s are available in different prices according to the material, pattern and embroidery. The fashion of Jilbab’s or Abaya is common in all age women just differs in the style. They are available in frock shape, poncho style, gown style, double layer, and front open and single layered. The material or fabric is of different type like Chiffon, georgette and Korean georgette etc.