Kajal gives beautiful look to your eyes

This can be a thick, black, cream, made from ground lead sulfide or antimony sulfide, which is often used being an eye lining, a coolant, and protector from the evil eye. Kohl has been utilized for hundreds of years by women because of its enhancement and medicinal characteristics.

It’s thought for stopping the attention of condition. When used in makeup, good kajal stays provide a dreamy turn to your vision.

From the moment a young child is six days old, its mother is applicable kajal to the eyes in addition to a small black us dot around the temple to marly the youngsters beauty. This ‘imperfection’ is stated to safeguard from evil. Determining Your Eyes well.

If eye lining is used within the kajal placed on lower rim, it defines your eyes perfectly.

TIP:To create small eyes look bigger put only oneOr2 length-beginning from middle towards the outer corner of eye