Lips care tips for winter:

In the winter season drying lips is very common practice for everyone. As the weather changes your lips readily get dries, it is due to the evaporation of your inside natural moisture and make your lips dried and in sever condition get cracked. So, whenever you are spending the day out always makes sure to take a lip lotion with yourself that also contain sun block. Sometime some lipsticks may also dried your lips so, always select that make up products which are branded and also suits your skin. Chapped lips are the first and most important sign of dehydration of the skin, dehydration is the condition when your body sheds off fluid from the body which cannot be attain again. This is due to some exercises, not taking sufficient water, by sun or diarrhea.

To protect your lips from drying you need to take some care of your lips.

Balance diet: you need to take balanced diet it will fulfill your all body requirements, the deficiency of vitamin B and iron also causes your skin to dry, a healthy diet includes meat, fish, vegetables, pulses, milk, dairy products, poultry.

Use of lip balm: always make use of good lip balm it will keep your lips moist all the time and it will never get dry and cracked.

Drink lots of water: drinking lots of water is very good for your health so, to avoid lips from drying take an adequate amount of water it will helps your body from dehydrating.

Sun block: while going out always make sure to use a good sun block it will protect your lips for sun as well as from the wind that dries up your lips.

Exfoliate your lips: when you feel your lips are drying then exfoliate it, you can also make use of some homemade remedies for your lips.