Make up is incomplete without lipstick

Lipsticks are a cosmetic product containing oil, pigments wax, and emollients that applies for the texture, colors, and protection of lips. There are many varieties of lipsticks, as with most other types of makeup. Lipstick is typically, but not exclusively, worn by women. The date of lipsticks is from the ancient times.
In the 19th century lipstick was colored with carmine dye, which was extracted from cochineal, seek insect native of Mexico and Central America which live on cactus plants. In the beginning lipsticks are not in tube form. That’s why people use brush for Appling it. The first lipstick is worn by an American actress in the rouge public. After that lipstick got popular among the women.
The basic ingredients which are use in lipsticks are wax, oil, antioxidants and emollinets.wax provides the solidness to the structure of lipsticks. Various oil and fats are used in the making of lipsticks. Such as olive oil, minerals oil, coco butter. Lanoline and Petrolatum. In American 50% of pig fats or castor oil are used to give shiny appearance.wax which is use in the lipsticks are bees wax, ozokerite and candelilla.
The carnauba wax is the main ingredient in the terms of strengthens the lipsticks. Lipsticks get there are colors from a variety of pigments and lake dye. All the pigments are organic and inorganic. There are many types of lipsticks are in the markets. They are name as matt lipsticks, creamy lipsticks, and shimmery lipsticks. The matt lipsticks have silica which does not have emollients’. Creamy lipstick contains more wax than the oils.
A shimmery lip contains mica, fish scales, and synthetic pearl particles to give glittery and shimmering texture. In glossy lipsticks more oil is use than the wax that gives shiny finish to the lips. In make kit lipsticks are the basic ingredient without make is incomplete. In the early years red color lipsticks are very in. nowadays the demands of lipsticks has increase, so the in market you found very unique color lipsticks ,which match with your dresses. Few basic tips use lipsticks and finish it before expiring date. The dressing of a woman is incomplete without lipsticks..