Make your own style- be impressive with your outfit

Whenever you are bored of wearing the same and old dresses again and again, and are fed up of monotony, then there is a need to spice up your wardrobe. There are some breezy techniques with which you can a zing to your clothes. All these methods help you to turn your old clothes in new and fashionable outfits. These techniques includes you to look forward for some fashion magazine, your observation about the people and about the latest trends in fashion, your own clothes and some fashion accessories to enhance your charm.

The first thing, you have to go through some famous fashion magazines to remain active in the fashion market. It will help you a lot in designing your plain clothes and making them stylish one.  Also take idea from celebrities and TV shows and in this way you will be able to design your clothes and also come to know that what suits you and what not. You can also get ideas from your friend circles.

The next important point that you need to keep in mind, make your outfit trendy and stylish always select those designs and dresses which suits you. Like the vertical stripes make you slimmer, mixing two different colors always make your dress very attractive and enchanting. Also pay special attention on shoes that beautifully coordinate with your dress.

Selecting right color that best match with your skin tone, all the colors are not for every skin tone. Light skin tone people always go for light colors; dark colors always go for mix both light and somehow dark. Black color is good for every skin tone as it suits to everyone.

To make your own style you can also add scarf to hair or to your neck, also add laces to your shirt and can use cufflink, in the end but not least than other item is fashion accessories like jewelry, handbags, watches, and glasses also add a charm to your personality. Different hair styles and hair cutting also make your look very elegant.