Male’s footwear…

If a man is dressed up fully with the stylish and amazing outfit and made it sure that the hair is combed to perfection wearing a best sweater and even matched but his whole personality would be into ashes if he did not consider his footwear of any importance. Shoes are also a very important part of one’s get up.
With the merging of business casual in the workplace and beyond, there is a fine line between dressy and casual shoes. Many shoes can pass for both dressy and less formal occasions, and can go with everything from chinos and jeans to a suit.
The trend in dress shoes is more of a square toe, rather than wingtips. Shoes are more square and wide rather than narrow and round — this goes for either laced shoes or loafers.
As for the sole, the wedge heel has crept into men’s shoe styles. There are still shoes that have a separate heel, but you’ll find shoes that have a wedge, and rubbery.
If you want to dress down your shoes, opt for a rubber sole rather than wood.

Like I said, many casual shoes can be worn to work and with suits but of course, it depends on what line of work you’re in. There are casual shoes that can pass for dress shoes, with the rubber sole and wedge heel, in both lace shoes and loafers. Ankle boots are also in style, with laces, a Velcro strip or an elastic band.
Speaking of elastics, a fashionable form of loafer that is presently in style is a slip-on with an elastic band at the front or the sides, to keep the shoes on and add a bit of detail. This elastic shoe is enough of a detail to add some originality to your shoes in a rather subtle way.