Mask- different types of masks

There are many women who pledge on weekly facials, so some women feel that their skin become very good and beautiful, but some said that weekly facial is not necessary. You can do all this by your own. There are many masks that make your skin better and shiny. But among all the most essential part of the facial is the nutritional part and that is the cleansing part. But mask is like giving life to your skin and there are many different companies that are producing different masks. Mask removes dirt, impurities and also dead skin from your skin, which is not removed by washing face with simple face wash. It also nourishes the skin by providing good nutrients.

There are different types of masks like

Deep cleansing masks: it usually in the form of thick paste that became hard and captured everything from the face. It can be produced from mud, clay, gel which becomes a rubbery substance. This mask is very good for trapping extra oil from your skin.

Medicated mask: there are some medicated masks that contain salicylic acid which goes deep in the skin pores to remove all germs and protect skin from acne. The soft peeling of the mask after it hardens removes all dirt and gives you cleansing effect. It is good for all skins types.

Exfoliating cream mask: exfoliating cream is also a mask when applied to the skin and rub gently and then remove, it will give you very good result.

Hydrated mask: it is very important to maintain the flexibility and the moisture of the skin. Almost all the masks are in cream form, it is applied to the face and kept for some time when it hardens then remove; sometime the mask may also be removed by washing your face with warm water.