Men’s Fashion

History of men’s fashion is not very much developed as it should have been as compared to women. If we consider ancient trend the male history was dull and doom. As the Technology developed and people emphasis on dressing to balance the terms as money, technology and fashion.

Men never been dressed up as nicely as they do today. The main focus of men’s fashion is to look sharp and live smart. Following are the main tips in reference to the men’s fashion.

Formal Trend. Professional or Official people like to wear this type of cloths. Formal cloths are expansive, sophisticated and give a professional look .Black, navy blue and dark grey shades are mostly liked by people and also known as suiting fabric.

Informal Trend. This kind of dressing not only included formal dressing but also casual dressing too, a lot of businessman use to wear informal cloths because they were not bound to wear formal cloths but to conduct and attend meetings mean to have balance look. Cotton and viscose fabric full fill the trend of informal cloths. Recommended colours are black, brown, dark green and off white shade in informal cloths. Stripes and checks are also included.

Casual and Modern Style. Teenagers and the men’s with high spirit and lively nature do like this kind of styles at the most. Casual and modern style cannot be restricted or sum up specifically by referring some colours only, under this head every kind of modern, traditional fashion can be applied. Every man can use dark or light colour according to mood and the nature of function.

Fashion and the trend cannot limit to one platform only as it became a huge industry of fashion for men’s wear and very positive sign to grow and move in fashion.