Nail polish in new attractive styles

Nail polish or nail paint is a lacquer that applies on the lovely hands and on toenails of ladies, to decorate them and protect them. History of nail polish is very old. In ancient times women use to put colors on their nails with ruby red, they make lacquer with the help egg white, beeswax, and gum Arabic, they put petals of roses and other flowers and combined the alum.
In 19th century women used the paint their nails or decorate their nails with the pictures of birds like eagles, and nails were also tinted with the scented red oils. In that time some women paint’s their nails with clear glossy varnish which is applied with a brush of camel hair.
Most of the nail polishes are made of different chemicals, which are solvent or either they left clear or colored pigments. The basic components which are included in the making of nail polishes are resins plasticizers and film-forming agent, along with some adhesive, solvents, and coloring agents are used in nail polish which ensures that nitrocellulose adheres on the nail surface. Some pigments and sparkling are also added to make desired colors and reflecting characteristics. There is a special agent use in the nail polishes which thicken the particles in the suspension polish. Solvent chemicals are used in the nail polishes that have been linked to cancer and other dangerous testicular problems. As the world progress many researches has done on nail polishes and such nail polishes which are wit out any harmful chemicals. Nail polishes are by women, but it’s also getting popular men also, usually there are some basic colors like red, pink, and brown but as time pass there are many other colors are available in the markets which match with your dresses. In manicure beautician use soft pink color or transparent liquid with white paint on the tips of the nails or beige color, which makes the hands very pretty? Most popular nail polish which is like by ladies is clear varnish, which gives glossy layer and makes the nail appearance clean and shiny
After applying the nail polish we need to remove it for that there is nail remover is available in the market. Always use imported one, locals removers can harm your nails and skins. Way of using the remover is very easy.