Naturally Glowing Skin in Winter

Glowing skin always fascinates and appeals to everyone. Weather has a great role in keeping the skin glow. Summer is great because your skin feels alive. Whenever winter comes, dryness is at its peak that really irritates me.

Low humidity can be a nasty enemy of your skin and relief comes only through scratching. Dry mouths in winter cause the skin withered and shriveled and you start to become uncomfortable. Here are the few tips that can be helpful to keep your skin glowing naturally in winter as round the year.

  1. Eat water frequently. It is easier to keep the skin healthy through its natural way. In order to make your skin healthy and glowing, drink lots and lots of water.
  2. Use oil based moisturizer according to your skin requirement in winter.
  3. Take baths in luke warm water. Taking hot bath can lead your skin more dry. So, always avoid hot baths.
  4. Use good body scrub to remove the dead cells of your skin. Dry skin is essentially dead and it becomes necessary to remove it through scrubbing.
  5. Don’t blow dry in winter. Blow dryer is not a good friend in winter. In fact, it dries up the natural moisture of the scalp and leaves it dry and itchy.
  6. Frequent oil message can relief you from dry skin to an extent. A layer of oil on your skin acts as a safeguard and protects the natural moisturizer within the skin. It is also extremely relaxing.