Nightmare for Every Girl

Appearance of dark circles underneath eyes is always been the hot issue of all youngsters and working people, but ladies are more conscious about it. They are always been in search of tips and remedies to make them lighter or completely treat them however, only few of them get success in their vogue.

Akin to many physical traits of human body, the dark circles are also the products of heredity and genes like height, intelligence, eye color, skin color and the tendency of dark circles are also transmitted from parents to their children. Genes that are considered responsible for dark circles are the ones that are accountable for the deteriorating of blood capillaries in skin.

It doesn’t mean that hereditary is the only causative agent of dark circles, many other factors also plays its role and make the dark circles more prominent. Both common and uncommon factors are responsible for dark circles like exposure to sun; sunlight activates unique cells present in skin named as “melanin”. It is a hormone and is subjected to the darkening of skin, means if the melanin increases in body skin gets darker and dark circles become more prominent. The reason for dark circles after a day out at beach or in an outdoor shoot is one of the same things.

People believe that lack of proper sleep and fatigue is another factor that contributes to dark circles.  But it is not true lack of sleep just makes your color pale and fatigue or restlessness causes the dark circle more visible.  Another group of people relate dark circles as a kind of allergy which holds true. Doctors associate it as a symptom of some allergy in children, actually allergy causes dark circles in 2 ways Firstly, hormone named “histamine” may cause some reaction on skin and it may turn into darker spots in eyes. Secondly, allergies causes itching and scratching and rubbing make them darker and darker.

Aging is the other reason for dark circle and the situation aggravates with the time. The reason is as we get older our skin gets thinner making dark circles more prominent, definite and clear. Lack of proper diet also cause dark circles causing deficiency of some vitamins in the body.

Change of diet into healthier one or you can say the balanced diet may help you in your war against dark circles and you will surely defeat it.