Oiling Dry, Dull Hair

Dry hair can be challenging to deal with and if not provided with required moisture, they can get worse in no time. They are usually weaker and people with dry hair are more prone to hair fall. It is essential that you oil dry hair regularly so that they not only get the required moisture but are also strengthened at the roots so that hair fall can be reduced. Let us find out the proper way of oiling your hair and which oils can be beneficial.

How to Oil Your Hair

It is always better to heat the oil before applying it. Heat it for a few seconds and then make sure that you apply it till your scalp. Do a light massage so that the oil is absorbed properly. When you wash your hair with shampoo, try using warm water instead of hot or cold water. There is no need to apply conditioner once you have oiled your hair.

Most Popular Hair Oils

Essential Oils

Oils like basil, jasmine, sage, rosemary and lavender belong to essential oils genre as they are obtained from plant extracts. These are scented oils and are rich in all essential nutrients required for healthy hair. They have special significance in repairing damaged hair and providing them with vitamins and minerals; however, they are mostly used in combination with carrier oils as they are very strong when used alone.

Carrier Oils

The sources of carrier oils are nuts and vegetables and they are non-scented. You can either apply them directly on your scalp or can mix them with an essential oil for maximum results. Oils obtained from hazelnuts, jojoba, canola, olive, coconut and almond are most commonly used among all carrie oils.