Proteins For Your Hair

Our hair and nails are made of proteins, which gives them strength, as the time passes we needed the proteins to keep our hair and nails strong, because our body doesn’t store proteins in it. Our hair got damage due to excessive use of electricity appliances and chemicals and other harsh particles.

To make the hair strong we have to replenish the lost proteins. We can do this through by eating proteins rich diet and by using product that contain proteins to the hair. A protein diet should not be for hair only it should be for body too. It’s important to eat protein rich foods regularly. Here are some good sources of proteins are baked beans, broccoli, carrots, salmon rice, almonds bacons, arcades, soya beans, turkey and tuna. By eating these things you get replenish proteins for your body and hair.

Hair care products contains many different types of proteins, which comes from different sources and gives us different levels of potency some proteins will  soften the hair, some will add in shiny coat and some proteins are really strong and make your hair dry. So before using the proteins products read the labels and follows the instructions.

Proteins is mostly commonly replenished through condition that beautician recommended conditioner for hair, through protein is very good but if proteins is overload then it makes the hair dry and brittle. Using the mild form of proteins treatments are enough to keep the hair strong. Some people take protein treatment after 6 to 8 weeks which boost up the level of protein in hair. Protein doesn’t always name protein. So whenever you that moisturizer make sure that it doesn’t have protein in it and when you take condition check twice that it also has protein in it.