Some tips for chubby girls

Human is a social animal and is always want acceptance and appreciation from the other people. While in teenage this wish is at the top, because at this age every girl is very much conscious about her look and dressing and her behavior because she is at the point when they are going to be included in the elders. This behavior is similar in both boys and girls, but the additional thing in girls are that they want to look smart and attractive. They tries their level best to keep themselves up to date.

So, it is very important to know that which fashion suits to which body shape. It is very foolish to adapt every style whether it suits you or not. Chubby teen age girls are especially conscious about their dressing because of their physical appearances. There are some steps that are helpful for the chubby girls that make their chubby look trendy.

Chubby girls first of all say No to baggy pants, Q lots, loose trousers because it will make them more fat. Fat girls’ needs to prefer tight jeans and in traditional dresses churridar pajama, also do not wear short shirts with tight jeans in it thighs becomes more prominent. Make use of long frocks, kurtas and knee long tops. Full sleeves and three quarter sleeves are very good option for chubby girls. For them flat shoes are better than high heel, high heels makes them tall but also give them a bit older look so, always go for flat pumps and chappals.

In accessories chubby girls should always prefer elegant and delicate anklet, bracelets, pendants these fashion jewelry will them an elegant and charming look and also boost their confidence. Do not let any garb to mess up the bubbly and innocence of your age.