Style your hair with flowers

Lilli flowers placed sweetly in hairs look so beautiful and feminine that you can’t resist their sight. They are flowers in the garden those are daisy, rose and little white flowers. There was a time when flowers in hair only allowed in different occasions like wedding and mehndi, but now time has changed a lot. Now it becomes famous in Pakistan, flowers in hair have become the super hot tend in these days. You have seen different dramas and show in which actress and anchor wear the flowers in there. The charms the allure, the vibrancy that breathes her floral bands becomes a reflection of all. A flower says it all when you stop outside with the shine and confidences of being who you are. The summer flower hair accessories are hot on our trends list. There are myriads of things you can choose from either you can go for a real daisy, tulip or poppy flowers or jasmine flower can have, when you see them on essentials. There  is floral band, bangles and earrings are also available in the markets this summer indulges yourself in the romance of flowered along with your vibrant lawn print and funky tops and refresh yourself this summer season.