Stylish Ear rings

How many times you have asked your self, how come some people seem to always look perfect? But No body is perfect…Even models and celebrities are not perfect. They also have strength and weakness just as every one else do, but they have learned to accentuate strength and minimize their weakness. You can also learn to how looks better and how to look put together by studying attributes and choose to wear jewelry to help in look different. Ear rings are worn by both sexes male a female, although it’s most common among women

If you want to give some one who is girl a piece a jewelry would be perfect for her, a great pair of earrings would be best for your loved once. Just have information about the metal and a comfortable level once. Shining earrings might be giving you the ‘bling’ edge over the others…

Screw earrings, pierced earrings, clip earrings, hoop earrings and drop ear rings all are earring types. Jhumka, Chan baali are very common in our mothers and grand mothers.

You can wear earrings with beautiful  gems like ruby, garnet, opal ,sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, tourmaline , spinel etc. pearl ear rings are also count in rich and complete jewelry. Diamond is forever as old saying goes, and diamonds girl’s best friend makes an earring most gorgeous jewelry.

Believe it! A simple thing like a pair of earrings can make you appealing and women looks more beautiful instantly. An earrings cascade down the sides of women’s face and framing her face beautifully and its necessary you should wear a correct earring which goes with your face cut.