Summer Footwear 2012 : KOLLA POORI styles CHAPPALS

Flowers Style is Motel in nowadays. Stylo established fact Brand for ladies components in Pakistan. In summer time they’ve introduced Kolla poori chappal in multi color plant with shaded lace design.This design is within smooth rear foot that is easy to use , Greater education going area enjoy being checked popular in addition to they have to do move so footwear ought to be relaxed. Stylo focus every point and market this fashionable and classy searching summer season footwear.Cost ranges in summer time for these types of chappals are 1,400 to three,000 Pakistani rupees. For many people this really is large amount but to become fashionable not simple. Need to spend much cash. Garden costly clothing are uncompleted without pretty footwear.

They’ve much other style for example red-colored color shoe, vibrant color shoe, gold color shoe.Second wonderful design is within off vibrant color with red-colored rocks. It’s completely elegant turn to use within some large event too as with family reach collect.Shoes is essential to create a extravagant look. Each year developer’s present new type of clothing, But just in case of footwear, women choose which the first is more enjoyable in addition to have style.To create conventional try looking in summer season college going women desire to use KOLA PORRI designs CHAPPALS. These types of CHAPPALS (footwear) are available in many colours.Mostly in summer season lawn clothing has different colours so these feet would put on we are able to choose any distinct color or make come related to dress. These footwear have no rear feet so this is exactly why very relaxed as well as searching nice in fashion