Teenage- the golden phase of life:

Teenage is the most energetic and colorful phase of life, it is also called the most bubbly and lively phase of everyone’s life. In this phase everyone have a freedom of choice to try every new thing. This age is the right time when everyone can adapt every fashion and trends either about hairstyle or clothing. Everything will go best with them. For teenager bright colors and funky stuff is very good. Their fashion has a very long range including jeans, kameez shalwar, kurta pajama, and different stylish long frocks. In summer the best color for them is light like light pink, yellow, blue and green these shades gives a very cool impact. The dazzling different bright nail colors are very famous among the teenagers. Red color goes best with teenagers and looks very funky, but pink and maroon also goes very well. Now a day black nail polish is in and all the teenager love to put it on their nails.

Now come to jewelry, trends in jewelry has taken a hippie style, now no more chic rings or studs, big sized earrings and colorful rings are in fashion. When the season has changed the teenagers fashion also changes with great new designs and styles. For teenagers hairstyles are ranging from fizzy, curly, and straight, different color dyes and streaks all are the variation in the hairstyle and all these styles never look bad and odd. In the shoes industry there are variety of designs for teenagers from high heel to flat and then to coat shoes, in every category there are lots of colorful designs that perfectly match with their outfits and increase the charm of their personality. Hence this is the best age when everyone can try everything and every fashion.