The Best Ways to look balance in shape

Everyone is special in the world. God has made every human being with special care and focus. Somehow environmental and genetic changes create some hurdles but things could be better if we put special emphasis and try hard to make them right any ways.

No one is perfect but it is all about how we perceive things. We follow fashion, trends and keep our selves more healthy with the help exercise but sometimes we need some tips to look balance in shape. In Pakistan, we people are not that much figure conscious but we should consider, things could look better if we focus on main things.

Just remember one principle and that is Hide negative with colours and highlights your asset.

If Breast size is comparatively bigger as compared to hip size just go for colours, laces and use at your upper portion of the shirt to hide the size at the best way. Yoke patch of cloth either in printed or contrast cloth can be used on the shirt. When we use colours it hides our negative areas. Likewise one can use laces on cufflinks so that attention divert towards hands .Accessories can play a vital role in this context.

Hide a hip size is not a big deal now days go for those cloths which are available in different stripes and small prints. Jersey chiffons and velvet could be good option this season. Focus on bottom of the shirt, use some extensions on front of the shirt only, please do not use at the back of the shirt because it is out of fashion.

If you want to look balance in shape always go for mix and match of colours. Preferably use dark colours like black dark blue, dark grey, dark green and pink specifically. Light colours can also be used but go for mix and match option i.e. dark colours along with light ones and vice versa.