The French Manicure Is the Art

The French manicure is the art of polishing nails at the tips with the white paint or polished with light pink color or beige color nail polish. Making white tip of the nail, there is a vast difference according to French main cure. Here, are some significant features of these types of manicure. You just have to follow these steps. You need a base coat, the nail paint, the top coat, the white tip coat. The nail polish remover, nail oil, a cotton pad, cuticle oil and hand moisturizer. Now if , there is any pervious coat of nail paint or nail polish stain it will be removed with nail polish remover than apply the cuticle oil at the nails, allow it to set for sometimes, than file up your nails with the supreme emery board, do it in one direction. Now remove the cuticles with the help cuticles with the help cuticles remover and then put your hands in warm water and soak it or manually pushing the cuticle at the back, wash your hands to clean the oil from the nails so that the nail polish sticks to it properly. Apply the base coat or some primer of transparent paint on the nail. Now the nail tip is painted with cream shade or white vanish in neat and smooth way and in a single stroke, if another stroke is required let the first coat dry fully. The remain nails should be covered with some card board so that only the yips of the nails is to be painted. Now apply pink nail polish or beige color polish. Now the top coat is applied to seal the underneath colors, but first allowed it to dry properly. After removing the base coat, the whole procedure will be repeated with extra care.