The Nicole farhi spring and summer collections 2012

The Nicole farhi spring and summer collection 2012 is full of colors and youthful steak to it. The summer collection 2012 is based on spring colors, and techniques have been an experiment with floral prints yellow seems to be a trend for spring summer 2012. Nicole farhi is French born London based designer and her spring/summer collection are selling about modernizing and bright colors, digitalized print give a lot of floral prints are visible. The collection is extremely sportily and energetic with buttercup yellow bursting in the floral prints. A voluminous blouse over silk shirts that form a triangle at the bottom and are hemmed with coral prints was little too much experimentation and turned out to be great. Cocoon shaped coats and dressed were also part of Nicole far collections. The shorts were also a crucial part of the collection is modern, yet classy at the same the summers dressed take you to chill paradise. The collection is certainly leaving a mark on the fashion trends of 2012 and farhi again proved that her collection is for everybody. The colors she used in her dresses age mostly yellow, white, peaches, mustards, pale pink, and water melon red. The spring collection is based on modernized atmosphere, and a lot of new printing techniques have been experimented in this collection. So by this know the taste of people and their reaction about towards the exhibition. As the prints are particularly attractive and glamour’s. Which easily attract new generations towards the dresses?