The right haircut for your face shape




Yes, you have the right to do the latest haircut but be careful that you should choose the right one for your personality. Haircut is the first and foremost thing that plays an essential role in your looks. But the same haircut becomes a disaster when it is done on wrong face cut. So it is important to know that which haircut suits your face cut. It is a major and common blunder that, a lot of people follow the trend without considering that what suits them.

Following are some face shape one of which your face cut will fall:

Round: If you have a round face cut it will be more like a circle. The jaws will be wide, length and width of the face will be approximately equal. Do not choose a haircut that is smaller then your ears so as the perms do. The best haircut for this type of face shape will be long layers, loose waves, long bobs.

Oval: This type of faces are Curvilinear, length of the face is more then the width. Oval faces will look longer in length if short haircut is done and too much long haircut will also looks like a disaster. The hairstyles which can suit oval faces could be razor cut, any short shoulder length haircut.

Square: Square faces are wide and broad from forehead and jaws. Long hairstyle is much better for square faces you can also try bobs but be care full and avoid short bobs the length of the bobs must be equivalent to the jaws otherwise the square shape of your face will be prominent. Bangs and loose waves will also look great on square faces.

Heart shaped: heart shape faces are wide from the cheeks and forehead side and narrow from the jaw line. The hairstyles that can suit these types of faces are shoulder length cut, chin length bob, side swept bangs, soft layers.

Long: These type of faces are more in length but less in width. The best cut for these types of faces can be those which reduce the length of the face. Bangs can help to reduce the face length, shoulder length cut can also do a great job.

Discover your face shape and be careful about the haircuts you wear.