Tips for crack heels

Cracked heels are the most common problem of most of the people and especially in winter season. Heels cracked due to your carelessness toward your feet. Mostly people are more conscious for their skin, hair, but ignore their hand and feet so, their beauty is not completed. If you are looking very beautiful overall but your heels are cracked and looks very dirty and ugly in your shoes then your whole beauty is wasted.

This problem mostly increases in the winter when skin gets dry and if the cracked heels leave untreated it may be a serious problem. There are some tips that help you in treating and protecting your cracked heels. Giving little attention to your feet will make your feet very beautiful and complete your beauty.

Moisturize: always moisturize your feet so; it will not crack your heel. Always use that shoes which does not dry your skin. Always moisturize your feet before wearing socks; it will keep your skin moist.

Home care: soak feet in warm water with little shampoo, rose water, salt for 20 minutes.  Then use mild scrubber to your feet with light hand, then dry your feet with towel and apply a lotion to your feet. Rose water: rose water with glycerin is the best mixture for the heels, apply it regularly on your feet, a treatment of 15 days is most effective for the cracked heels.

Water: drinking lots of water is very beneficial for keeping the body moist from inside and also protect your heel from drying and cracking.

Olive oil message: before going to bed massage your crack and dry feet with olive oil it will smooth your heels. For good results after using olive oil wear socks whole night.

The most appropriate time to do all these treatments is before bed time because at this time everything you use for your feet will stay on your feet.