Tips for hair care for winter

As you all know that winter has been started, in winter we are holding our coffee cups wearing sweaters and warm clothes to protect ourselves from cold, similarly our hair also need care and attention in winter season. As winter is very dry season, so for our skin we use different moisturizers and butters similarly our hair also need moisturizers. There are some tips that are best for hair care in winter.

Use of conditioner: the use of good conditioner in winter is the best way to prevent your hair from dry and damage. Use of hot water for hair is very harmful so always wash your hair with cold or warm water. As cold water provide an extra shin to hair.

Dry your hair: Always take care of it to dry your hair before going out in the cold wind as it increases the split ends and it is the worst damage of the hair. As hair driers are not very good for hair because it dries your hair more which is not good, so always put the drier on “cool” so, dry will blow cool air.

Keep your hair moisten: the best hair care tip for winter is to keeps your hairs moisten with different ways. You can use Aloe Vera juice as a moisturizer because it is very good for your hair and keep your hair healthy and shinny.

Oil message:  oil message is very good for your hair, number of different oils is available in the market and you can use them. Make the habit of hair message with oil once or twice in a week. It will make your hair healthy, beautiful and shinny.