Tips to apply bronzer

As exposure to sun is very harmful for skin, so it is not a surprise why bronzer became an important part of every women’s makeup. But the wrong selection of bronzer color can make your look caked up and unnatural. It is common for every woman to use that bronzer which is too dark for her skin but a simple way to tackle with this is to always use that bronzer which is golden on skin not brown. The other point that must keep in mind is to not apply too much bronzer on your cheeks, it usually used around jaw and hairline. There are some of the common tips that help you in applying bronzer.

  • Always select that bronzer which is almost one or two shades darker than your original skin tone. Lightest shade is good for fair complexion people, middle shade is best for the middle skin tone and a deeper shade is for darker skin tone. Test the bronzer on your jaw line; it will have a golden glow.
  • Always buy a matte bronzer that look best and match with your natural skin tone. First of all apply the foundation, then concealer to hide red, dark spots and dark circle under eyes, for oily skin use translucent powder to avoid from looking dark.
  • Remove the extra dust from the skin before applying bronzer to your skin; apply it on the hairline and jaw. Blend the bronzer in a very fine way, also apply it on the bridge of the nose, hallows of cheeks, forehead and also on the chin. In the last apply a bit on your neck.
  • If you want to get the best result of the bronzer then blend it in a very best way.