Hair Treatment with Dove Dry Therapy Conditioner

Warmth in the sun sucks hair off essential moisture and renders it dull, lifeless and limp. Pollution too, makes hair dry and very susceptible to breakage.


Ironing dries hair. Condition it with Dove Dry Therapy Conditioner and then leave it on for 2 minutes in the tip. Its Repairing Serum will moisturise, making the driest finishes smooth.


A little rain causes lots of problems. It can make hair sticky and frizzy. And also the high swimming pool water content in rainwater chemicals them. Dove Dry Therapy Shampoo evenly moisturises in the root towards the tip, curing the results of rain.


Obviously, dust dries hair and damages its sheen and texture hugely. Fortunately, nobody repairs damage like Dove. Its moisturizing milk creates up until the driest of tips. And makes hair soft and lustrous again.


The cooling results of air-conditioning prove very dangerous for hair. They create them very desiccated and rough. Dove Dry Therapy Shampoo seeps in moisture towards the very finishes and provides hair its natural bounce.


Hair coloring has chemicals which make hair brittle and coarse. Particularly when you highlight or streak up until the tips. Use Dove Dry Therapy Conditioner to revive the fundamental nutrition again.

BLOW-Drying out

Excessive blow-drying out has harmful fallout for hair – split finishes. Split finishes stunt hair regrowth greatly. Dove Dry Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner together moisturize the driest of ideas to build your hair soft, smooth and split-finish free.