Truck Art Outfits

To keep the tradition alive our designer has started d including truck art outfit. This is a way to add color to your wardrobe and in your life. Truck age is a unique art in our country since ages. Pakistani trucks are painted with intricate motives and vibrant colors. Keep the culture alive our designer came up with an idea to make truck art of our outfit. Our designer introduces the vibrant colors in the month of summer collection. Truck art motives are used in all the clothes making with vibrant colors.

You will soon see dull colors Kutras with an out fits these motives are found on the bottom of the Kutras with amazing color combination. Lawn prints are full of pink, red and yellows. Kurtas can be wearing on the top of jeans. Adding colors to clothes is like adding colors on our lives. Our outfit has an important place in our knife. You can also use bags with truck art outfits. Or you can use simple bags with colorful outfits. Doll colors can compliment by the bright colored bags.

You can find these outfits in glulabo or in khadi. Khaadi has amazing collection of bags as well as outfit to add accessories you can wear matching funky. So enjoy this summer with the vibrant colors that make you gorgeous. Always remember the color is bringing joy in the life. So go bring truck art dresses for your wardrobe and the summer with be very color.