Wedding is a special day

Wedding is a special day and to make it special couple and its family do all the best things for them

Different people have different ideas and thought about wedding. When we talk about some married person he would told you about his ultimate happiness and beautiful experience of life. Other non married persons would just have dream about it so how to make it a perfect day.

Wedding is the best day for a couple’s life so to make it more special they do all things they can in the world. Wedding day is not a day that comes every year but it happens once in life time. On wedding, couple wants everything to be perfect. It requires months to prepare perfect dress designs, perfect look, huge setup of receptions, absolute decoration and to invite all the family and friends their with couple on their special day. It is a day which requires a lot of planning. It is a day when everyone seems to be happy for the couple and everyone is their for the blessings. Men to men women to women every one seems to be in new dress to share the love and affection to the couple. Singing, dancing, music, and cheering is there on wedding day. So it is a day with a lot of enjoyment for families to get unions, for the cousins to hanging up. Its just not a day it is a master day for everyone. A chance to leave the boring life behind and entertain yourself.


  • You should avoid oily food as it disturbs our stomach which causes then pimples.
  • You should also avoid spicy food as it can also effect.
  • You should do exercise daily at least a morning walk is necessary.
  • Always go for a diet and fresh food it will keep you healthy and young as well and also it effects on your skin positively.
  • You should always go for fresh juices as it provides skin with vitamins.
  • You should wash your face regularly.