Wrap up yourself in Warm stoles

With the winter shivering, it is time to wrap ourselves up in nice warm clothes. It is the time of the year which rings bells to cover ourselves from top to bottom in extremely cozy and comfortable clothing we can afford. Many people think it is the best season to experiment different styles and create new fashion statements as winter dressing has a lot more creative room than the traditional summer clothes. In summers we are bound to wear predominantly lawn and extremely thin stuff to keep us breathing throughout the day. But winter has much more to offer in terms of materials, styles, and layers of clothing.

Stoles are definitely one of the best clothing layers that can be add so much style to our attire. Almost every brand has to offer extremely creative and chic styles of stoles for their customers. They can be worn in a variety of styles as well so it is something nice to experiment them with different styles. In addition with western dresses, stoles incorporate well with qameez shalwar and trouser. You just need to roam around in different branded stores and find a perfect match. You can also find a mind blowing variety in many wholesale markets. In Lahore, Liberty market has an absolutely amazing collection of stoles which are quite inexpensive to buy.

The materials come in a great variety but wool is perhaps the best and the most popular. Velvets, knitted stoles and fur are also available in the market in amazing colors and styles. In branded stores you will find a more sophisticated patterns and colors. The loose wavy styles look extremely smart and go well with any dress. Prints like cheetah, zebras, plain colors, knitted patterns in bright colors, shawl patterned stoles, fur lined plain colors, checks, lines and patterned variety is tremendous to choose from.

The best is to but a few neutral ones to go with most of your dress. Knot it around like a tie or wrap yourself up for a smart neat winter look.