200 march participants Treatment in Polyclinics

Almost 200 long march participants received treatment for various of health issues at Polyclinic throughout the final 2 days.In accordance to Dr Sharif Astori, the hospital’s spokesperson, full health care had been presented to the ailing participants from the long march with illnesses for example cold and flu. He stated a healthcare facility had placed 50 additional beds to support long march participants looking for medical help. He stated that a lot of bloodstream bags had been arranged through the blood bank. Meanwhile, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) spokesperson Dr Wasim Khawaja also stated that additional beds have been reserved at PIMS for ailing long march participants. He stated that X-ray, CT-Scan, MRI along with other machines were fully operative and also the hospital would make sure the accessibility to these types of services twenty-four hours a day.He stated that ambulances would stay sharp to cope with any emergency situation, while additional medical and paramedical staff would perform responsibilities in the hospital throughout the long march. He stated that senior doctors would be available, and nurses would ensure their presence in duty hours.