29th death anniversary of Waheed Murad

waheed-murad-670The 29th dying anniversary of legendary Pakistani film actor, producer and script author Waheed Murad was observed on Friday.

He was well-noted for his charming expressions, attractive personality, tender voice and strange talent for acting in films. His romantic type of acting made him popular among the youthful cinema audiences of South Asia. Certainly one of his blockbuster films is Armaan, which was created by him, designed a pivotal effect on the sub-continental film industry so that the Pakistani film industry was regarded as increasing sun which film made him a celebrity overnight.

He died on November 23, 1983 in Karachi.He was granted Nigar award for the best actor in Heera aur pathar (1964), Armaan (1966), Andaleeb (1969), Mastana mahi (1971) and Legend Award for existence amount of time in 2002.