Gas heaters–advantages or risks?

imagesLAHORE – Health experts on Monday advised people to change off gas room heating units before going to sleep to prevent perils of fire and dying.
Shaikh Zayed Medical and Dental College principal stated that public must observe safety precautions while using the gas room heaters to prevent incidents which can lead to dying. He further stated that management of the gas-affected patients was very complicated.
He stated that before going to sleep people should make sure that room heating units were correctly turned off and gas supply should be closed in the source to prevent leaks.
Medical Superintendent Jinnah Hospital Dr.Fazal Ur Rehman stated that the window or perhaps a ventilator should be stored open for sufficient consumption of oxygen. Former Controlling Director, Heavy Electrical Complex, Eng Ashique Ali stated that combustion of gas produce deadly carbon monoxide that is hazardous to existence because it destroys red-colored bloodstream cells, which maintain oxygen level in bloodstream.