68 killed in Beirut

BEIRUT: on Monday armed men killed 68 people in Massacre Homs’s rebel central province. Sources informed

Today 68 civilians were killed in Homs western countryside in a rural area between Ghajariyeh and Ram-al-Enz. Dead bodies were shifted to state hospital in Homs. Rami Abdul Rehman added

The dead bodies have marks of knife and gunfire. Head of the Britain based monitoring group said

As per Abdul Rehman details observatory got information about indicating that the victims were inhabitants displaced from Homs city, which has been bombarded by regime forces for 24 days.

According to the reports they were shot to death by Shabiha. But we can deny or confirmed the reports. Abdul Rehman reported

Observatory summoned for an independent inquiry of the deaths which the group labeled “Massacre”

Statement form the Homs informed that 64 persons who tried to escape from the bombardment in district of city of Homs Bab Amr were killed at the security checkpoint in Abel region of Homs.