8 Doctors are terminated

12491-youngdoctors-1341226875-973-640x480LAHORE – The Punjab government required punitive measures against 17 doctors who attacked the Gujranwala DHQ hospital Medical Superintendent Anwar Aman .
Per particulars, eight doctors were ended from service, whereas six others were suspended and three were moved. The Youthful Doctors Association (YDA) continued a strike following the arrest of doctors who broke in to the MS’s office. The  responded towards the development by announcing a strike on 10th January . However, a petition continues to be filed within the Lahore High Court (LHC) from the Youthful Doctors Associations (YDA) demand strike on 10th January. People called the YDA like a “criminal gang” and advised a legal court to cancel the striking doctors who put lives of patients in danger hitting the streets. He stated a legal court should do something against them under Sections 300 (murder) and Section 302 (punishment for murder) from the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).