A Boat Carrying Haiti Migrants Sinks Off Cuba’s Coast

At least 38 Haitian migrants died after a boat carrying hundreds of Haiti people, including men, women and children started taking in water and got wrecked at sea, the Cuban government said.

In this grave mishap, 21 men and 17 women died who were traveling in the unfortunate boat.

Cuban Coast Guards and Red Cross team reached the spot and saved the life of 87 people. Four children and seven women are among survivors and moved all of them to an international migrants’ camp at Point Maisi where they have been provided medical aid.

The gruesome discovery was made Saturday when the Cuban Coast Guard found the half-sunken boat about 100 meters off Point Maisi on the eastern shore of the communist-ruled island.

Tumble-down and over loaded boat with passengers might be a reason to this dreadful accident in the water of Caribbean Sea.