Abdul Sattar Edhi, Nominated for Nobel Award for Peace!

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a true figure of selflessness. He is the man serving Pakistan from ages. Whether it’s a bomb blast or a road accident, custody of orphans or of the women whom even their own families deny accepting, Edhi is always there to support all the causes without even a word of advertisement or showing off any thing.

Although no one is able to accredit what he have done and is still doing for the people of Pakistan, prime minister of Pakistan Yousaf Rraza Gillani has suggested noble prize nomination for this great man. He has asked to nominated Edhi sir in the category of noble prize for peace.

If we put an eye on the history of noble price we will see that there are people who were bestowed with this precious price. Despite the fact most of the people who are nominated are an icon of terrorism if we look in deep, a nomination like Edhi sir is surely a delight for the people of Pakistan.

We pray heartily that this great men not just get the nomination but also get the great price, the noble price for spreading peace and love.