Actions to be against Ghost schools-Dr Merajul Huda

Dr. Meraj ul Huda SiddiquiDr Merajul Huda, provincial leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, has stated that Sindh Education Department has unsuccessful to consider firm action from the ghost schools in Sindh as the amount of ghost schools is rising.Speaking to some delegation of Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Sindh, he stated the kids from the rulers study abroad but you will find no proper facilities to sign up countless poor children. He stated based on a study of World Bank in Sindh alone, you will find a minimum of 12,000 ghost schools, which talks loud and clear concerning the performance of education department. Huda stated the feudal political figures would not give education to kids of their peasants. He stated the feudal rulers have injured the training sector because of visits of incompetent people based on nepotism and political loyalty. He stated Jamaat-e-Islami in the electoral manifesto had given priority to education sector. He stated with no rule of law and merit, the downslide within the education sector couldn’t be stopped. He stated people should elect honest and capable people to save Pakistani society from further degeneration.