Afghan delegates were impressed by the standard of training in the Western countries-Bismillah Khan

Pak-and-Afghan-Army-TroopsAfghan Defence Minister General Bismillah Khan termed Pakistan like a natural place to go for training of Afghan National Security Forces. Under such conditions, Pakistan might be a natural place to go for the ANSF personnel, too, he stated. The Afghan defence delegation visited numerous training institutions and facilities of Pakistan Military. Military sources state that the Afghan associates were astounded by the conventional of coaching and asked training of the forces through the Western countries in the existence of these facilities in Pakistan.They appreciated the fact that the operational atmosphere of Pakistan and Afghanistan was identical, hence, Pakistan deliver to all natural professional training for Afghan officers and soldiers.The Afghan delegation also outlined the fact that the females of ANSF were reluctant to visit every other country apart from Pakistan. They stated after this visit, it seems that Afghanistan originates to understand the centrality of Pakistan in peace and stability in Afghanistan. Border control techniques also received discussion and each side decided to continue higher level exchanges to summarize various problems with common interest.