AKU teams are serving measles affected areas

untitledKarachi-In the wake of measles outbreak, Sindh to be the toughest hit province, a four-member team in the Department of Pediatric medicine and Child Health, Aga Khan College (AKU), was rushed towards the measles affacted areas in Sukkur, Ghotki and Khairpur districts, and aided the neighborhood administration. They brought through the doctor, Dr. Ali Faisal Saleem, labored carefully with local managers, doctors, nurses and vaccinators to optimize control over kids with measles at public hospitals and health centres. During their 10-day remain in hard-hit areas, including Taluka Saleh Pat of District Sukkur, they observed that factors adding towards the high death rates were incorporated insufficient supplies of medications, lack of measles vaccine and medical staff, high prevalence of lack of nutrition, and frequent electricity failures.“ During our interactions with families, we advised them to visit a doctor immediately if their child develops fever with rash or suspected measles” stated the physician inside a session with journalists on Thursday. Initial signs and symptoms, which often appear 10-12 days after infection, include high fever, runny nose, bloodshot eyes, and small whitened spots within the mouth. Trading to enhance routine immunizations with two doses of measles vaccine for each child, she stated.Dr. Anita Zaidi stated this should be accented by top quality measles vaccine campaigns every 2 year with appropriate monitoring to avoid this disaster from ever happening again. Based on WHO, there’s no specific strategy to measles and many people had retrieved within two-three days.