Ali Zafar-Aaj Tak agenda

Ali-Zafar-London-Paris-New-York-Stills-2Ali Zafar attended Aaj Tak Agenda 2012 in New Delhi together with performers Shafqat Amanat Ali and Kailash Kher from India lately, where they not just talked about the potential of some pot and u . s . Indo-Pak music business, but additionally take their vocal talents together to sing harmoniously.

Zafar thinks it can be the current generation of music artists to transmit out a note of peace between India and Pakistan. He stressed the past can’t be transformed, however the future could be formed to ensure that people in this area can reside in peace and harmony. “Our generation is obligated to inform our children another story towards the one i was told,” he stated, regarding Indo-Pak relations, based on a pr release.

The most popular motive of getting peace in the area by trying through cultural means was the highlight from the Agenda Aaj Tak 2012 summit. This message is made much more profound when Zafar, Shafqat and Kher all sang Allah Tero Naam together in perfect sync, exhibiting the fact music does indeed know no limitations.

Following a event, a little ceremony happened in Karachi where Kher stated, he was touched through the unrestrained adoration he caused by the feminine audience and stated the crowds in Karachi were very appreciative.