All dual national lawmakers were not equally treated-Begum Shehnaz

sc-suspends-mna-shehnaz-sheikh-1349298252-6302Former Person in National Set up Begum Shehnaz Sheikh posted a listing of dual national congress within an open letter written towards the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry alleging that dual nationality cases weren’t equally worked with. Owned by PMQ-Q Sheikh’s membership was suspended through the Top Court in October 2012 for holding Australian nationality while as being a Pakistani national and part of the nation’s Set up. In her own letter, Sheikh asked for a legal court to place the process – targeted at reimbursing benefits loved by dual national MNAs – on hold before the case’s final verdict has gone out. The letter listed what they are called of 20 ‘dual national’ congress adding that the couple of people ongoing to stay in their posts. Shehnaz Sheikh pointed all dual national congress weren’t equally treated adding that dual nationality holding congress weren’t requested to come back financial benefits attracted at that time throughout the time they occupied in the public office along with other emoluments in the public exchequer, including monthly remunerations, TA/DA and facilities of accommodation, together with other perks. The suspended lawmaker asked for a legal court to prevent all proceeding of compensation of financial benefits granted to suspended congress until a choice was arrived at on review appeal file from the Supreme Court’s judgment of disqualifying 11 people of Parliament and provincial devices for holding dual nationality.