Alleged participation in oil theft

A-480x238A Legislative Committee on Oil and Natural Assets released arrest warrants of Pakistan Condition Oil (PSO) and PARCO Controlling Company directors (MDs) for his or her alleged participation in oil thievery.A conference from the sub-committee occured on Wednesday with Jamshed Dasti within the chair to go over the problem of oil thievery worth vast amounts of rupees in the combined pipelines of PSO and PARCO. Dasti expressed annoyance over the lack of the MDs of PSO and PARCO around the occasion. Dasti stated Consultant to Pm on Oil Asim Hussain seemed to be active in the problem because he had hired ineligible persons at key departments from the ministry. Dr Asim has hi-jacked the ministry and because of his mess, issues are emerging within the oil ministry. His subordinate, secretary oil, rather than carrying out his responsibilities individually, is being employed as his personal secretary,Dasti mentioned. Dr Asim lashed out at Dasti over his comments inside a statement, calling him an illiterate holding an imitation degree whose committee didn’t have authority. Around the occasion, authorities of Special Branch stated a lot more than 950 million litres of oil have been stolen in the pipeline. Police authorities apprised the legislative body that in eight cases a lot more than 123,000 litres of oil was apparently stolen this year so that 64,000 litres of oil was stolen only in one situation.